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"Where the Mind goes the Body will Follow."

Lisa Nichols - Los Angeles, CA

Life Coaching

Helping you heal and release past trauma, guiding you on how to create from the inside out. With mind, spirit, and body connection. Supporting you as you become the upgraded version of yourself. 

Energy Shifting Sessions

With this 60 min energy shifting session you will become aware of the energetic blocks within you and shift your energy and get into alignment with the highest eversion of yourself

About Coach

It still blows me away that I have supported thousands of souls heal past trauma, connect with their inner child, gain self confidence, gain clarity on which gifts they want to share with the world, and help them reconnect with the power that has always been within them. As child I experienced physical, emotional, and sexual abuse, growing up feeling abundant, rejected, and neglected. I carried the story of not being worthy, not being heard, not feeling loved. I reached a point where I hit rock bottom, I was tired of numbing my pain with alcohol, I was tired of being the victim in life. In 2019 I made a decision to commit to healing and becoming the version of myself I know I came into this world to be. I started attending self development workshops, got a life coach, and joined communities that help support me reconnect to the power that was within me. Now I have turned my pain into passion and support others with remembering who they are and what they have access to. Helping them gain awareness of their true self and create a life that they love.

Raymell Bentley

Empowerment Life Coach, Creator

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The Ultimate Release is a 5 week master class helping you reprogram your subconscious mind while releasing emotional blocks stored in the body from past trauma. 


Helping you get to the root of scarcity, doubt, fear, unworthiness, lack, and limitations. With the Ultimate Release class you will become free of old patterns, habits, and beliefs that no longer serve you and start to live your life consciously and intentionally. Co-creating with the universe and getting into vibrational alignment with things you want to call into your life. 


This class will start June 7th, 2023. 

We often wonder why we repeat the same patterns in life and have habits that are hard to break, trying to get  quick fixes only to go back to the things that we know, getting the same results. 


By getting to the root of lack of money, love, confidence, self sabotage, unworthiness you then can plant a new seed of self confidence, love, belief, and get into inspired action towards things you want to experience in your life. 


With awareness and practice you strengthen your internal muscle to learn how to trust and surrender to the flow of life, you start to work with the universal laws and attract things you desire into your life. You start to live a life that has purpose and meaning, you will go from just existing to living your life.

In the Ultimate Release you will 


  1. Deepen your awareness of energy 
  2. Get to the root of limited thoughts and beliefs
  3. Discover how to become an observer of your thoughts and learn how to feel your emotions
  4. Get into inspired action towards your life’s mission purpose

This class meets virtually for five consecutive weeks starting June 7th, 2023


Class starts June 7th, 2023, 5pm to 6:30pm Pacific Time, and ends July 5th, 2023 


If you are unavailable to participate in the live online class, you will receive the class recordings to watch at a date and time convenient to you. 


So excited to be on this journey of expansion with you and can’t wait to evolve together. 

Ultimate Release Master Class


Ultimate Release Master Class


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