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It still blows me away that I have supported thousands of souls heal past trauma, connect with their inner child, gain self confidence, gain clarity on which gifts they want to share with the world, and help them reconnect with the power that has always been within them. As child I experienced physical, emotional, and sexual abuse, growing up feeling abundant, rejected, and neglected. I carried the story of not being worthy, not being heard, not feeling loved. I reached a point where I hit rock bottom, I was tired of numbing my pain with alcohol, I was tired of being the victim in life. In 2019 I made a decision to commit to healing and becoming the version of myself I know I came into this world to be. I started attending self development workshops, got a life coach, and joined communities that help support me reconnect to the power that was within me. Now I have turned my pain into passion and support others with remembering who they are and what they have access to. Helping them gain awareness of their true self and create a life that they love.

Raymell Bentley

Spiritual Optometrist

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